اِغْرَب 10 سيارات فِى الْعَالِم

1. The Cake Car

Skoda made this amazing car for an advert that cost a whopping £500,000! But what made this car so special? It was made purely out of cake! And all other things that are sweet, of course! With a monstrous 100kgs of flour and another 100kgs of caster sugar, this delicious car is made entirely of cake and took 4 days to make it, for a TV advert that lasted…drum roll… 60 seconds! Now that is truly wacky.

2. The Belgian Chocolate Car

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Are you hungry for more? Because guess what, here is the Hans Burie’s Belgian chocolate car! With an amazing 800kgs of Belgian chocolate and this is about 9,600 bars of Lindt 3oz chocolate! And that’s not all, even the interiors are made of chocolate with a brilliant chocolate steering wheel. You’ve got to admit that this car, which is about the size of an Opel, makes your mouth water profusely and after the cake car, I guess some nice chocolate car is what you need to top it off.

3. The Ice Cool Car

If you want to look cool, you better get yourself a nice icy Ford Focus CC which was exhibited at the British International Motor Show in 2006. Made of 120 separate pieces of ice, this car will chill you to the bone. Just look at this crystal clear car and pleas tell me you find it impressive?

4. The Knitted Car

Now, I know that a lot of us can’t afford to purchase a Ferrari, but who wants to buy one when you can make one? Hang on tight! Here is a knitted Ferrari! Featured in the British International Motor Show, Lauren Porter, who is an art graduate, knitted this car which consists of 250 pieces of garter stitch for her honours degree at Bath Spa University. Now that is pretty impressive.

5. The Cloth Car

From the knitted car to the cloth car, BMW released its concept car that has a skin made of cloth rather than metal. Now you might be nodding and saying, “Yeah! Pretty eco-friendly.” But that’s not all folks, with the flick of a switch, the skin which is a durable fabric is just a single piece which means that you can change the design of the body. For example, you can change it from a feisty sport car to a classic and elegant car using the morph technology. Not only do you get a car with cloth all over, but you can even change how it looks! 2 for the price of 1!

6. The Pen Car

Who needs a Mercedes Benz when you can have a Mercedes Pens? Yes, look at that impressive car that has been covered all in pens. I know you are thinking, so what? Not so impressive! Can you do it? Well, Costa Schuler here made his Mercedes Pens with about 10,000 pens and calls himself the Pen Guy. Call him obsessed? I shall think NOT! Check out his site if you want to know more!

7. The Camera Car

Now, focus! Because when you do focus, you will want a close up of this car! Yes, I present to you the camera car. The entire surface of this car is covered in cameras and you are probably thinking “Jeez, that is expensive!” I can confirm…I don’t know. Harrod Blank, who makes art cars as his speciality made this as one and I know that by now, you should be looking at this and going “That’s snappy!”

8. The Lego Car

You might have seen this before, but this isn’t a silly tiny Lego car, but this is a massive car, whose surface is covered with Lego. I don’t know much about this car but who must have been mean enough to steal all of their kids’ Lego blocks and use them on this thing? Any way, you’ve got to admit that it does look pretty B-E-A-Utifiul!

9. The Keyboard Car

If you lived in a land obsessed with computers and you just couldn’t keep your hands off one, then you would find a keyboard car there! This car has the body just covered with keyboard keys so as you can imagine, this is a type-ical fantasy car. I shudder to think of the effort that went into this!

10. The Beer Can Car

Who said you can’t drink and drive? Jack Kirkby created this eccentric looking 1965 Ford Mustang by using 5000 beer cans to cover the entire surface. The moment I looked at it I knew that any alcohol lover would want to have that car. This way you can violate all of the drink driving rules if you wanted to. Just for the record, I wouldn’t want to be the one recycling this car